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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Starting to GARDEN! YES!!!!!

Still dreaming of a hoop house, but until then, these old trampoline pieces will have to do the trick.  There are strawberry starts, swiss chard, brussell sprouts, asparagus, and whatever else I don't remember under there.  Then I tacked down a heavy-duty freeze cloth, and am hoping for some great crops this year!  

 Started some seeds about 3 weeks ago, and they are coming along nicely.  Time to be separating them!
 The tomatoes and pepper starts are in a insulated spot with some heat.  The cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce are in the greenhouse without any heat.  And they are coming up great.
 Found these at the thrift store, so I though I'd give them a try:)  We'll see how they grow.  When I tried the upside-down tomato hangers, I was NOT impressed at all!  Tomatoes don't want to grow upside down!  Mine were bending and heading to the sky.  Hopefully the strawberries will be happier.

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