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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Building Baby Brains

I heard a great talk this weekend at a Legacy Conference I went to.  It was given by a lady named Marlene.

She has been doing research on how baby's  brains develop.  Apparently, when a baby is born, there is about 70 percent of the brain that is not wired, or developed yet.  It is up to us as mothers to help the baby's brain develop properly.  Things like touch, playing, tickling, exercising, music, speech, love and attention  help the baby's brains to develop the brain connectors.  The more they are used, the stronger those connectors become.  Things that involve both sides of the body help the brain learn to make both sides work together-it develops coordination.  For the first 18 months, the brain is developing these essential skills.  They need lots of fat to help develop their brains.
If babies are neglected, their brain is like a wilderness.

As they grow, they get to keep the connectors that they use, and the ones that they don't use, they loose.  Mostly they will keep the ones that bring them pleasure and help them learn new things (things that are interesting and exciting to them).  It is important to keep helping them discover and learn new things, to keep the brain active.

Babies learn while they are in the womb to recognize their mother- by smell and by sound at first and then later, by sight.  They do know if MOTHER is the one taking care of them or not.  Surely we would not want to turn over the building of our baby's brains to a babysitter or daycare provider.  It is a privilege and honor to play such a big role in our baby's life.

Speaking in love relaxes them, and when they are relaxed, they learn the most.  I'm sure that goes for all of us:)

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