"Choose you this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Friday, January 16, 2009

Brent's 12th birthday

An adopted Grandparent gave Brent this remote-control car for his birthday.
It has suction on it so it can go on the ceiling. What will they think of next?

We love you Brent! So Excited you are turning 12 and all the changes that will bring in your life. We appreciate all the help you give our family and are so glad you are in it!

New Years 2009

This New Year's found us with more space, so Ada can have her own bed.
Hurray for Mom and Dad! She is now doing better at sleeping through the night.
We've had some cold, foggy weather.
New Year's found Jared going off to BYU Idaho. We're sure going to miss him!

New Year's found us with 3 cousins visiting for almost a week. What a party!

Food, Food, Food!

Some Favorite House Pictures

Tonight-yes, my camera is spazzing out when it comes to dates!
Darren came and helped us lay carpet. It's so nice instead of the cement!
Jared and Jesse lifted in this monster of a beautiful table, which we love, just before Christmas. We are very thankful to the Grasteit family for giving it to us when they moved.

Some pictures of what it took to get here. Thankfully, we hired out the
sheetrocking, mudding, and taping. Otherwise, we would still be working on that.

Nathan just cut the hole in the wall to make a doorway from the old living room.

Nathan cutting the hole-there is no order to these pictures.

Nathan cutting out the upper window. I wanted this window so we could see the stars at night.

The guys took off all the tin and put shingles on the whole roof.
This will be the first time since we've lived here that the whole roof will match.

J & J working on the shingles.

Johnie helping.

This is to remind us of how ungly it was and how far it's come.
The wall in the middle is a support wall only. It is not there now.

Dad and Brent working.

Christmas 2008

The Fam in the new living room (take your hat off, Johnie!)
Sariah busting up over Jesse's mock gift of a homemade ipod.

Christmas Eve dinner with our friends the Becks.

Ms. Claus in training (wrong dates on pictures)

Gotta try on those Christmas things before they are put away in the box!

The Iron Beast with month supply of candy-with Blonde