"Choose you this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trip to Washington

Nathan and I had fun going on a little date and getting to see Jesse and Whitney and the farm in Washington that Jesse is working on for his internship. We did get to see some relatives along the way:)

 The Columbia River is awesome and amazing!  We need one of these by our farm:)  haha

 The hills make the farm look so pretty.
 We got to see the temple there!  Yea! :)
 It was awesome to see Brent and Rose-they drove over an hour to see us:)

 These people do some serious hill-farming-how do they do it without rolling?

 I got to see my new niece for the first time:)
 We also got to see Darren and Anna where they go to church.


This year's Halloween costumes:
The Toothless Cowboy

 The Princess and the Cowboy
 The Mexican Dancer
Napoleon and Deb-oh this cracks me up!  I cannot look at it without laughing-The expression, or lack of it on Jesse's face just gets me.  What a great job they did!
 Love this gorgeous sunset we enjoyed the other night!

October 2015

Like a flash, October has come and gone.  Because of the drought, we haven't been able to water the fields since the middle of June.  We only got one irrigation because the water ran out 1 or 2 days before our second one.  The fields have stayed amazingly green and alive except in the sandy spots, where the hay appears to have died out, and of course, the weeds take over.

 The water has been short and this field has not been irrigated for at least 3 years.
 Rock finding is still good-:)

Interesting weeds-anyone know what this is called?

 Ada picked her carrots.  They may have seeded a little close together:)
 Jane doing a science experiment for school.

 We doubled the size of the hoophouse this year. Hope the plastic gets here soon!
 Late on getting the seeds started, but hopefully they will still grow.

June Flowers