"Choose you this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun with sewing-decorating girl's room, etc.

How many quilts does a baby need?
Not quite sure, but I do think it's more than this one has.
I think I have too many "favorites".
I decided to finally decorate the girl's room-they've been in there for months now. I was just going to do a valance, but it looked cute, and I thought it needed one more thing in the room to coordinate with. So I made a heart decoration. That was cute, but sure looked funny with the yellow and blue striped quilt. Then a thought entered my head that I promptly kicked out. It came back again and again, and I finally made a quilt top to match. I sewed it to the top of their other quilt so I wouldn't have one more quilt to store, and so I wouldn't have to come up with supplies for a middle and back. Then I tied a ribbon hanger to one of the John Deere puzzles that's been waiting to be hung, and...that is the extent of my decorating. Now if we can just keep the room clean!

Check it out, Karen! Rebekah and I made cards, too!
But I'm not joining a card club-no matter who's working on my teeth! hehe

Fun with sewing-Sunday bag

I've spent alot of time being frustrated because I don't have a bag that works on Sunday for all the needs it's used for. If I use a horizontal bag, my hymn book or nursery books can't stand up straight, and I've already broke the binding on one hymn book. If I use a vertical bag, there is no place for diapers, wipes, and little stuff. The bag is always a messy disaster. So, I've been studying up on bag making, and tried to make a bag that would fit my Sunday needs.
It is vertical, with an outside zippered compartment for diapers and wipes. An inside zippered pocket for the nursery key, so I don't have to DIG for it.
Room for books, long handles, so I can carry it over my shoulder while juggling children-and, even feet on the bottom, to keep those grease stains off-hopefully!
My only regret-wish it was a little wider, so I could fit more in it. But, maybe it's better
this way so I don't get it too heavy.

Easter 2009

The family
The boys
The children

The girls-sorry Sariah for not giving warning:)
Dad, Mom, and next baby - 9 weeks to go!

Ada turns 2!!!

One happy girl...
double stroller with 2 babies...
Friends stopped by...
presents to open...bubbles from Sylvia...
new summer pajamas...
darling cake made by Rebekah...
cake and icecream...
2 babies!!! 4 bottles!!! Ada heaven...
birthday dress...
We love you, Ada!!!!!

Trip to Idaho & Wyoming

The girls enjoying the big bed.
Jane reading "Little House on the Prarie" in the easy chair.

Battle of the cameras with Brent.

Natalee's making jewelry.

Maria, Eliza, and Nathan

Sariah at Trevor and Maria's house in Wyoming.

Maria and Eliza giving Natalee a ride on her little pony.

Natalee, Eliza, and Ada, walking back to Grandpa's house.

Jane made good use of her time in "snow country".
She spent hours working alone on her Snow Bear. I think it is very cute!

Taking the folks for a little ride in the big bus.

At the Idaho Falls
Girl cousins waiting at the wedding.
Rebekah helping Rebecca with photography equipment at the wedding. Isn't she cute?

Grandpa and Grandma White-still in love!
Nathan and Heather cutting cake.
Thank goodness for Verena and Sariah! This cake had issues, caused from traveling and uneven temperatures while traveling. The frosting pride lost its structure and the heat in the kitchen caused melting. If it wasn't for Verena's "chinkin" (1 table knife and 1 folded paper plate), the cake surely would have toppled before the evening was out. As it was, I was very shocked it was still standing at the end!
I love Heather's cake top!

Working on the Bus-early April 2009

Jesse working on the queen bed-bunk beds in veiw

Jesse made a nice table for us.

Nice cargo space! Nathan said we can bring anything we want-
don't have to worry about not having enough space this time!