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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun with sewing-decorating girl's room, etc.

How many quilts does a baby need?
Not quite sure, but I do think it's more than this one has.
I think I have too many "favorites".
I decided to finally decorate the girl's room-they've been in there for months now. I was just going to do a valance, but it looked cute, and I thought it needed one more thing in the room to coordinate with. So I made a heart decoration. That was cute, but sure looked funny with the yellow and blue striped quilt. Then a thought entered my head that I promptly kicked out. It came back again and again, and I finally made a quilt top to match. I sewed it to the top of their other quilt so I wouldn't have one more quilt to store, and so I wouldn't have to come up with supplies for a middle and back. Then I tied a ribbon hanger to one of the John Deere puzzles that's been waiting to be hung, and...that is the extent of my decorating. Now if we can just keep the room clean!

Check it out, Karen! Rebekah and I made cards, too!
But I'm not joining a card club-no matter who's working on my teeth! hehe

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Karen said...

CUTE cards!!!!! I think I might just have to steal some ideas! :) Are you sure you don't want to join the club? I'm sure you could find the time. Just kiddin'. I'll have to keep checking your blog more often---it's super-cute!