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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pouring cement for sidewalk & patio

I totally love the sidewalk and patio Nathan and the kids poured for me for Mother's Day. They did such a great job, and I wanted it done so badly. Thanks, Dad & kids! It is awesome! The finished product.
Pouring the cement.

Making the form-I don't think I will ever get the order of the pictures
figured out right for the blog.

Digging up the grass to make a form.

Jane up in the tree. She's a climber!

Our two wonderful & very helpful big boys.

Smoothing the cement.

Putting our handprints in the cement. I remember doing this
when I was a kid and we poured our patio. Fun!
Nathan helping the little girls with their handprints.

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The Funny Farm said...

What a fun family project - something the kids will remember and be proud of! An awesome Mother's Day present!