"Choose you this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Monday, August 31, 2015

Family Reunion in Colorado

We had a great time at the reunion.  Unfortunately, Nathan and Johnny had to stay home to put the hay up.  We missed them.  The scenery was absolutely amazing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trip to Colorado for family reunion, part 1

First came the food-I volunteered to do the food for about 60 people for 3 full days. Not the smartest idea, but it was fun and it got me there, so that works:)  haahaa  It took us several hours just to pack the van. Nathan was a huge help.
 2nd-we hit really bad weather going over Austin summit.  Big hail stones were hitting the road and van and it was really loud and scary.  In this picture you can see the flash flooding coming across the road.  Cars were pulling over, but I just wanted to get off that summit.  I kept going nice and slow.
 3rd-we stayed at a pretty dumpy little motel in Green River, Utah.  Pays to call ahead earlier in the day-everything was taken.  We were lucky just to be sleeping horizontally and to get out of the van.  But, you have to admit-$45 including tax isn't a bad deal.  It's just that you get what you pay for:)
Next day-Arches National Park.  It was beautiful and the road was steep and narrow.  We were a bit nervous.  We sure missed Nathan and Johnny.  They had to stay home a put up the hay.

 Next stop-Grand Junction, Colorado.  We went to a couple of stores to finish getting the rest of the food and find the best deals on large quantities.  After finishing up at Walmart and buying the icecream, we ran out of gas in the Walmart parking lot.  Bummer!  The manual said the van had either a 30 or 50 gallon tank.  It doesn't.  It has a 25.  But, the Lord was watching out for us.   It happened in town and my sister and my nephew were also passing through that town at the same time.  Decia bought a gas can and brought us gas with in about 45 minutes, and then we were on our way again.  I am so grateful it happened there and not on any of the dangerous roads we were on earlier.  Got gas in lots of places for the rest of the trip-no more running out of gas for us!  :)
After going on a wild goose chase with google maps, we finally got on the right road and headed to the Ragged Mountain Church ranch.  This is the road up to it-it was so gorgeous there!  Love, Love, Loved it!

To be continued....