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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Visions of Glory

My father-in-law gave us an amazing book called, "Visions of Glory".  It is the story of a man who has had several near death experiences and the veil between him and heaven is very thin.  He has had visions and experiences that are very informative and sprititually enlightening.  I have only just started it but can't wait to read it all.  Here is something he mentioned while he was "dead" while in the hospital:

"The mortals looked really different from the spirit people.  Mortals are solid looking and appear to be completely unaware of anything spiritual going on around them, almost rendering them unintelligent looking."

I laughed when I read this, because this is so how I feel many times.  It is so hard to learn quickly and to change habits and attitudes to be in line with the Lord.  Many times I feel frustrated because I am so slow and dull and incapable.  It is part of this mortal experience and something we have to fight against, by prayer, study, and listening to the spirit.

Another thing he said that I really agree with and am haunted by continually is this:

"We spend so much time entertaining and pleasing ourselves that we do not fully realize how important every moment and every interaction truly is to God.  Most of us are trapped in our own lives of business and pleasure, so much so that we don't even feel the hand of God directing our lives, nor do we hear His voice, which is constantly directing us." 

This book is written by John Pontius, as the person with the experiences told to him.  He wishes to remain anonymous because he doesn't want to be set up as any type of authority or speaker, but wishes that we continue to listen to our prophet and apostles that are called to lead and guide us. 
This book can be found here: Visions of Glory

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