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Friday, June 28, 2013

Eagle Falls

We were hoping to go camping, but it seems next to impossible to carve out even 18 hours where we could all get away, so we settled for a day hike.  We were looking for Cascade Falls, but ended up climbing to Eagle Falls.  I think we saw the Cascade Falls where we parked.  They were both beautiful and amazing and it was very refreshing to be in the mountains and smell the pine trees.


quailene said...

Where is Eagle Falls? I've never heard of it but it looks like a great place to go! I'd like to check out Cascade Falls too. :)

Kaylene Hunt

agratefulheart said...

It's in South Lake Tahoe. You would love it! :) You ladies did a fabulous job on girls camp! Thanks for all you do:)

quailene said...

Thanks for the info. I definitely want to check it out....looks absolutely beautiful! I assume I can google it and find directions on how to get there.

And thanks for the compliment on girls camp. We sure hope our camp goal was accomplished and that the YW and leaders felt it was worthwhile to be there. And it was nice to have you and your hubbie up there for the night. Thanks for your support!

agratefulheart said...

Yes, you can google it. It is awesome! :)