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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We started our seeds on the 6th of February.    Jane's flowers, especially the Lupines are doing the best.  Most of my lettuce seeds didn't sprout, I'm guessing that it's because they are old and not very viable.  I started some new ones Monday, and after just 2 days, I see they are starting to come up.  Now that's what I was hoping for the first go around!  I'm going to give my old seeds to the kids for "experiementing"!  The tomatoes have come up pretty well, and the peppers are just starting to come up. If I remember right, peppers need a soil temperature of about 70 degrees to sprout, so I am trying to keep that temp. where it needs to be.   I am using seeds from Bill Mewalt, a local gardener who saves non-hybrid seeds to plant his own next year, and has started selling them as well.  They are supposed to be well adapted for our area, and I am really excited to see how they turn out.  They can be purchased online, here, or at the Flower Tree Nursery.
 I love these little lupines!  They are so cute with their green leaves and pink stems. :)

 Plenty of tomatoes came up!
 These are the seeds I planted two days ago-actually from a non-hybrid can of seeds I got that I can save the seeds from.  They have been in storage for a a couple of years in a foil pack, in a number 10 can and they were to expire next year.  So, I figure I better get to planting them.  If you look really closely, you can see that after just two days, there are lettuce seeds sprouting!  Yea!  Maybe we'll have some lettuce yet!


Aleah said...

This is exciting. Ive been wondering when folks start seeds around here. I have all my stuff ready and I'm glad you posted a link def going to check that out. Thanks awesome lady.

agratefulheart said...

Good luck! Keep me posted on how things go with it!