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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

We took some family pictures this month, during the one week that we had together as a family before Jared had to go  back to college.  Rebekah and I set up our tripods and cameras and had fun running back and forth to set the timer.  Maybe we should invest in a remote control?  Anyway, it was fun, and we had a wonderful day together.  After pictures, we went to Reno and went out to eat together and then went to the temple together.  We got some pictures there and then those who were old enough all did baptisms for those who have passed on.  It was neat to have Nathan baptize everyone, including me, and then Jared baptized him.  We were able to do some family names, which was really special.  The younger kids stayed in the foyer and did some quiet things while they waited.  It was a fabulous day together!

 We girls about died laughing while getting our picture taken.  Jonathan was running one of the cameras, and Brent came up behind him with a big branch in his hand like he was going to knock him out from behind.  Jonathan was oblivious to what he was doing, and it looked SOOO funny!  ;)

 This shot was a little more than Rebekah and I could get to our places in 10 seconds, we needed someone who could run and jump like a gazelle, so Jesse was the camera man and he jumped right up there and we got a total of one shot with everyone in for this pose.  Thanks Jesse!  :)

 Many teasings going on between shots:)

 At the Reno, Nevada Temple.


Beth said...

Great photos Annalee! How are you going to decide which one to blow up and put on your wall?!

agratefulheart said...

Good question! Any suggestions? :)