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Monday, August 6, 2012

Bus for Sale

So after all the fun we've had in the bus, and the long hours and sweat and tears to fix it up, now the man wants to sell it!!!  Can you believe it?  After sanding and sanding and sanding that white stripe and then priming and painting it, after making the bunkbeds, the closet, the masterbed, the bathroom,  finding a fridge, building a fold down table, remodeling a couch to make it fit, sewing curtains, and so on, he wants to sell it!  I mean, seriously, we can sleep 11 people in this thing!  Two in the bedroom, 4 adults-sized kids in the 4 bunks, 1 on the couch, 2 smaller kids on the fold down table, and 2 more people on the futon bed.  Where in the world would you find anything else that can sleep 11?  And that's not even to mention all the awesome cargo space underneath.  And we are giving it up?
 Because his brothers finally decided they too were interested in having something bigger to travel in-so they all went in on a motorhome.  Now we have to give up our bus that has been our travel companion, our bed-n-breakfast, our awesome Christmas Caroling assault vehicle!  Just imagine the looks on little kids faces when they saw Nathan dressed up as Santa driving a bus!  And they thought he stuck to reindeer!  
 I have very mixed emotions about it, but if you know a good family that would be interested, please let us or them know:)  
Leaving early in the morning for one of our trips

 At the Nauvoo State Park-what a sweet place that was!
 Towing the suburban behind for site seeing.  It sure came in handy at Mt. Rushmore!
 Before it got its new coat of paint.
 LOVE the cargo space!
 Jesse working on the bunks and queen-sized masterbed, also just laid new carpet.
Jesse made this fine fold down table - he did such a great job!

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