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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Refill an ink cartridge

Thanks to my mother-in-law for showing me how to do this, I have saved a TON of money on cartridges. We go through lots and lots of ink for homeschool and church stuff. There are some days that I refill the cartridge twice, if I am downloading and printing preschool books, etc. I ordered this large container of black ink online several years ago for $13. It is only about half gone, and I have refilled the cartridges MANY times. Love it!
1. Open the lid on the printer. On my cartridge, I push down as I am pulling it out, but others may be different. You may want to buy an official cartridge refilling kit to begin with to have what you need. But, all you really need is the ink and a syringe.
2. Put the syringe in the ink and trying not to take up air, pull it out with the ink entering the needle. For the black, if the catridge has begun to run out, it takes about 6 cc's of ink. When I am refilling the color catridge, I try not to get more than 2 cc's of each color. If I put too much in, (which I have) it overfills inside and mixes the colors. NOT good! That means it's time to go buy a new cartridge.

3. Carefully insert the syringe needle into the cartridge. If it has not been refilled before, you may have to poke around abit to find where the opening is. If it has hard plastic instead of a hole, you can make a hole with a nail or screw. When the needle is in a little over half-way down the cartridge, start to SLOWLY push the ink in. If it is pushed too fast, it will come out the top. If it pokes in too deep, it will puncture the bottom of the cartridge and then it will all leak out and have to be thrown away.

When the cartridge is refilled, snap it back into its place in the printer (I push in and up on mine). And, then, try it out to make sure it's working.
Tip: Don't let the cartridge run all the way dry. Once it does that, it's really hard to get it to work well again. The longer it is dry, the lower the chances of getting to perform well. It's best to catch it when the ink starts to fade on the printed page. Good luck!

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