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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Hoop House

My darling husband humored me yet again, and helped build a hoop house!  Yea!  I am so excited:)  I want to be able to grow lettuce and cold weather crops through the winter.  Last year I used a grow shed, but didn't like that so much, because I had to use electricity to keep it warm, and there was no natural light in it, so it was not very enjoyable to spend time in it.  So EXCITED!!!  :)
First, Nathan built a base out of pallets someone had given us.  Then we arched hog panels over the top.  I twined the touching sides of each panel together, and then screwed metal stapping at the bottoms to attach it securely to the wood frame.
 Then we were ready for the plastic.  I ordered a green-house grade on amazon.

 We used slats of wood to screw tight against the frame to hold the plastic tight. I also went back and forth Many times over the top with twine, to secure the plastic to the hog panels so it won't go anywhere when the wind blows.  It seems to be working good so far!

 Saturday we got the door on, just in time for the 13 degree night coming up! :)  The plants survived just fine!  Yea!

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