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Monday, December 19, 2011

Marriage Joke

Shortly after the honeymoon the new husband noticed a small box on the closet shelf. He asked his new bride what was in it.
She said, “Promise me you will never look in that box.” Reluctantly, he agreed.
On their 50 wedding anniversary, he again noticed the box.
He asked, may I now see what is in it?” "Yes" replied his sweetheart of 50 years.
He found 3 doilies and $2,000 dollars.
“What is this?” he asked.
She replied, “My grandmother told me that every time I wanted to argue to crochet a doilie.
He was so relieved there were only 3. “What is the money for?” He asked.
"From selling doilies," she replied.

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Mary Ann said...

Haha!! That's funny:)