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Monday, June 16, 2008

Big washout-more trouble for TCID

TCID (Truckee-Carson Irrigation District) has had a rough year so far-after the canal break in Fernley, causing many homes to flood, and now this recent washout last week, which fortunately, did not flood any homes. I think many people are wondering if it is just because the old structures can't hold up anymore. We drove by Sunday after church and saw them jackhammering the cement out of the bottom, and moving it out of the way. They've gotten alot done. The old structure was an "L" shape, and it is obvious the one whole side is missing.

Lots of farmers brought their big tractors and scrapers to help haul dirt, which they are stock-piling for when they are ready for it. This washout has put many farmers in a lurch, because they can't irrigate their corn, which is getting drier and drier each day.

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