"Choose you this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Elder Jonathan, Portland Oregon Misison

Hey everybody! 
It's been sunny like half this week and that was a really nice change.
On Monday evening, me and my companion talked about our performance as missionaries and we both decided that we could basically be more consecrated to our work as a Companionship. With that mindset, we prayed and then left the house to find some specific people who we hadn't met yet. No one answered their doors, but these two members were on an evening walk and we had forgot to talk to them about visiting people with them, so that was definitely a little miracle. I saw them from a distance and pulled out a Book of Mormon and then they were members. After that, we were walking down the stairs in an apartment complex and this lady named Sarah was standing at the bottom waiting to meet someone, so we started talking to her and she had met with sister missionaries like 3 years ago and had read the whole Book of Mormon! Best part is that she said she had been wanting to go back to church so we were basically inspired to go visit someone who didn't open the door, but since we were there, we were able to to meet Sarah. She lived in a different area so we referred her over. I see both of those perfectly timed meetings as miracles that happened because we were more devoted to the Lord and had asked for his guidance. Tuesday we taught three 9 year olds the Plan of Salvation all in the same meeting and they were crazy. I've never heard so many deep and crazy questions at one time. We said that we lived with God before we were born and right after that one of the kids asked who Heavenly Father's Dad was... Then there were a lot more questions after that. 
We were walking around the neighborhood where we were about to have dinner and saw this girl spinning out in the mud off the street, so we walked over to help at the same time that another guy walked down from his house to help. We pushed her out real quick and she just said thanks and bye, but that was no big deal because we talked to the guy named Jamie and gave him a PRINCE OF PEACE card with our number because he wouldn't give us a specific time to come back. Definitely good timing on that whole deal. Wednesday we had 8 lessons which is a lot. The 4 of them that were super important cancelled. On Thursday we had interviews with President Ballard which were good. He's super funny. Everytime he finished with someone he would come out and make fun of the Zone leaders. One of them left their little blender bottle on the floor so he said "whose sippy cup is that?" And he treated them like babies for the rest of the time. I guess that stuff is funny when you're a missionary, but basically President Ballard is really good and treats us like friends. I loved General Conference because I had the perspective of a missionary and actually took notes. It straightened me out real good. We talked to a man outside his house who was from Oakland so I brought up that Mom and Dad used to go to the temple there and then we talked about temples for a long time. It's easy to turn something into a gospel conversation if you listen to the spirit and the person you're talking to. Love you all. Have a good week!

Elder Wadsworth

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