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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Do it Yourself Hoop house with hog panels and pallets

That sweet hubbie of mine built me a hoop house last year.  We started out on the small side to see if it was going to work and be worth it.  It has been growing stuff well, and I love it!  So, that sweet hubbie of mine added on to it this fall for me!!!  We got it done a couple of hours before the first hard frost and snow came.  Whew!
 Cutting old soaker hose to cover the edges of the hot panel on the end so it doesn't make holes in the plastic.

 Trying a woven plastic with a 4 year guarentee.  Hope it works better than last years!  :)

 We criss-crossed twine back and forth to help hold down the plastic.

 Last fall's plantings of swiss chard, onions, and some strawerries.
 Just in time-here's the snow:)
 Swiss Chard and lettuces starting in the greenhouse to move to the hoop house.

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