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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Putting up a metal Quonset building

This week for a family work project, we put up a Quonset shed.  The kids and Kim and I put the 7 pieces together that form each new section. Twenty sections,  each one took 60 bolts.  I am guessing that for the whole building, we put in 1200 bolts and nuts.  Ouch!  Hard on the fingers;)

 We were so glad for the help from our out-of-town cousins, that made the job go soooo much faster!

 Nathan took some shots from up high with his phone.  The kids were really great helpers, especially the older they are.  It was fun to watch the piles of sections get smaller and smaller, and then GONE!!!Yes!  My back was so happy when we finished:)

The first day we were trying to do it with a forklift and loader.  It worked much better the second day when the genie was here.

 Gotta love the genie!  Gets you right where you need to be and is a great help.

 Nathan and Jane were in the genie putting in the bolts that held the sections together once they were up.  They couldn't stand on the building, so they got in some pretty strangely contorted positions at times.

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