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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Iodine deficiency linked to cancer in women

We recently visited Nova Health, an alternative health practice in St. George, Utah.  http://www.novahealthllc.com/Home.html

Among many other things, we learned that it is very wise for women to do iodine tests to see if their bodies are low on iodine.  Apparently, according to scientific findings, up to 90% of breast cancer in women is caused by a lack of iodine.  It is very easy to do the test.   Just rub about a 1 1/2" diameter circle of iodine on the inside of your arm, where the skin is tender.  Keep track of what time you put this on.
Check for color after 8-12 hours:
Bright yellow  like when you put it on means you have no deficiency
Pale Yellow:  mild iodine deficiency (may take an iodine supplement)
Grayish color: Moderate iodine deficiency (supplement)
No color after 12 hours or less: severe iodine deficiency. (take supplements and retest every few weeks)

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