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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Projects at home

 Jed saw this fabric in the sewing room, and said I LOVE that fabric!  So, of course I had to make it into a quilt for him:)  See his eyes?  I think he likes it.  haha
 We had a sewing party with lots of projects going-what fun:)
 Learning to make rag quilts:)
 Sewing Trampolines-A really NOT fun project!  I used the parts from 2 trampolines to fix 2 different ones.  I started sewing them on the industrial machine until it seized up and I wanted to get them done so badly that I used my home machine.  I only broke 2 things on it, went through a couple of needles, and used a lot of time.  Some of the spring holders are already starting to pop out, so I don't think I will try this project again.  NOT WORTH IT!!!  But, now I know:)
 The floor broke through in the downstairs bathroom shower, so the guys had to take it out and install another one.  It was a ton of work,with lots of grout cleaning between the tiles for us girls.  I'm really glad it's done and hope it's a long time before we have to tile or remodel again.  We've done a ton already this year.

 I do really like the tile Nathan picked out.  I think it turned out great:)


janajoyner said...

It was a great day, thanks for all you taught us...

janajoyner said...

Thanks for a wonderful day...